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All programs require full lacrosse equipment for participation. All players must provide their own lacrosse equipment. The following equipment is mandatory for all practices and games:

• Lacrosse helmet—NOCSAE-approved, properly fitted, with face mask and four-point chin strap. For goalies a throat guard must be attached to the helmet. Lacrosse helmets must be recertified every year by an approved reconditioner or discarded after 3 years.

• Protective, colored mouthpiece with strap for attaching to facemask.

• Lacrosse shoulder pads for field players or full chest protector for goalies. Protective equipment shall not
be altered by removing parts or padding.

• Lacrosse elbow pads (required for field players and goalies).

• Lacrosse gloves.

• Protective cup with supporter.

• Shoes approved for play on both grass and turf fields. Metal cleats are not allowed.

• Regulation lacrosse stick with length and pocket meeting the US Lacrosse Youth Guidelines.

For more information on youth lacrosse equipment requirements:


Cascade Lacrosse Helmet Safety Booklet



US Lacrosse Equipment Guide